First commercial hydrogen-electric flight between London and Rotterdam The Hague Airport expected in 2024

Uitgesproken ambitie en plan: In 2024 komt een eerste emissievrije commerciële luchtvaartroute met een 19-zitter tussen RTHA en Londen.
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Partnership between ZeroAvia, Royal Schiphol Group and Rotterdam The Hague Innovation Airport

Kemble, UK and Rotterdam, Netherlands – 27th October 2021 – The aviation sector is planning zero emission commercial passenger flights between Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTHA) and London with a 19-seater aircraft in 2024.

The aircraft, currently under development by ZeroAvia, will fly entirely on hydrogen. ZeroAvia, Royal Schiphol Group, Rotterdam The Hague Innovation Airport Foundation and the airport itself have announced a partnership to realize this ambition today.

The deal sets a solid timeline for the launch of the first zero emission commercial passenger flights between the UK and the Netherlands, and potentially the first international commercial operation in the world. ZeroAvia and Royal Schiphol Group are in advanced partnership talks with airlines to agree on an operator for the planned route.

Through the partnership to deliver this commercial route, ZeroAvia and Royal Schiphol Group will collaborate on testing and demonstrating hydrogen supply chain refuelling operations and integration with airport operations. The two companies will also focus on ensuring the pathway for commercially adopting hydrogen-electric aviation, including establishing the right regulatory framework and understanding industry and public appetite for zero emissions flight powered by hydrogen.

ZeroAvia recently established a legal entity in the Netherlands. This will enable the company to create opportunities for commercialisation and partnership with airports, airframe manufacturers and/or airlines, within the Netherlands and wider European Union.

New technology

ZeroAvia has focused its R&D on developing a hydrogen-electric powertrain – using hydrogen fuel cells to power electric motors – as a viable way to tackle aviation’s climate change impacts at scale. With the hydrogen-electric system ZeroAvia is pioneering, the only emission is water vapour at manageable temperatures, allowing for sustainable flights.

Hydrogen-electric propulsion will have the additional benefit of lower operating costs, making routes more attractive to airlines and airports and passengers.

Sergey Kiselev, Head of Europe, at ZeroAvia

“This deal means that, in just three years’ time, you should be able to board a flight and make the hour journey between the UK and the Netherlands without worrying about the impact on the climate. Working with partners like Royal Schiphol Group, we are making true zero emission flights a reality for passengers in the first half of this decade.”

Ron Louwerse, CEO, of Rotterdam the Hague Airport

“Boarding a zero emission flight from Rotterdam to London is only the beginning of green aviation, and that will only be made possible by pioneering and promoting innovation in the sector. With the Netherlands as the testing ground for aviation, we strengthen our competitive position, knowledge base and business climate.”

Miranda Janse, Director of RHIA

​“This partnership marks an important milestone, bringing operational expertise of hydrogen powered flight into practice in the Netherlands.”

About ZeroAvia:

ZeroAvia is a leader in zero-emission aviation, focused on hydrogen-electric aviation solutions to address a variety of markets, initially targeting a 500-mile range in 9-19 seat aircraft used for commercial passenger transport, cargo, agriculture, and more. Based in the UK and USA, ZeroAvia has already secured experimental certificates for two prototype aircraft from the CAA and FAA, passed significant flight test milestones, and is on track for commercial operations in 2024. The company’s expanding UK operations are supported by grants from UK’s Aerospace Technology Institute and Innovate UK, and ZeroAvia is part of the UK Prime Minister’s Jet Zero Council. For more, please visit, follow @ZeroAvia on TwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn.


About Royal Schiphol Group (RSG):

Royal Schiphol Group is an enterprise that operates airports in the Netherlands, conducts international activities and participates in airports abroad. Operating Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the Group’s largest activity. Royal Schiphol Group is the owner and operator of Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Lelystad Airport, and holds a majority share in Eindhoven Airport. Royal Schiphol Group’s mission is Connecting your world.


About Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTHA):

Founded in 1920 and relocated in 1956, Rotterdam the Hague Airport has become a regional airport with national significance. Rotterdam the Hague airport offers a Network connecting more than 50 relevant destinations for the region. RTHA is investing with partners such as the Municipalities of Rotterdam and the Hague as well as companies such as the Port of Rotterdam to ensure a smooth transition for both energy and aviation of the future. While safety and security remain our main pillars, Rotterdam the Hague Airport has created an innovation platform for the Royal Schiphol Group as well as for the metropolitan region around it to accelerate innovation and help start up, test and experiment with their product in a real life laboratory. With this said, Rotterdam The Hague Airport is set to be the most innovative airport in its class

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